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Caribbean Catamaran
Price lists

up to 3 Couples - Family of 8

4 Couples + Cats

Sailing at over 12 knots, deck space for a dozen, 3, 4, or 5 guest cabins appropriately called double or queen staterooms, spacious salons, speed appreciated by any yachtsmen and a ride to satisfy the non-sailors in the group....  yacht catbalu has all the toys

For mono-hull yachts this can only be a dream, on a catamaran it is reality. Each year more charter guests, especially families and larger groups, opt for the comfortable appointments and spacious accommodations offered by  these Catamarans. The positioning of the salon at deck level makes for great visibility and convenient access to those on deck and privacy for those in the cabins.   

Most cats have identical cabins, mirror images of one on the other hull.

An increasing number of larger Cats are offering only 3 guests cabins, typically one is consider an "Master Cabin with substantially larger space. In most "Cat I" catamarans, the crew uses one of the 4 main cabins leaving 3 for guest use.
In some cases, a 4th cabin is available but it is deamed unsuited to adults.

The larger cats "Cat II" add an additional cabin for crew use affording 4 or more cabins each suitable for an adult couples.

 Large groups usually find a pair  
  or more cats equipped similiarly  
 as the best choice Frangines has comfortable cabins   

 Simply stated, the modern cats are the most cost efficient boats currently in production when building cost dollars are compared to comfortable guest cabins and spacious lounging space. This converts to more modest charter rates when matched against a comparable monohull, likely 50% longer in length. TriWorld has lots of Deck space and a great watersports program

The Modern Catamaran was not feasible until the development of composite materials which allowed the long span between hulls in a stable fashion. Prior to that Trimaran designs were utilized to gain the additional yacht wanderlust deck space by supporting the span with a larger center hull. Although generally included with the Cats, Tri's have several substantially different features which makes head to head comparisons difficult. The salon in all but the largest trimarans is situated within the center hull not on top. Although this leaves the smaller cockpit with better visibility, the salon suffer in size and ventilation. Those few trimarans in charter have secured a niche which makes them easy to recommend for those seeking to stretch their budget.

Breanker has and extremely spacious salon  
 ¬©DdV 2000 Catamarans have made a substantial impact in the charter fleet. Their "condo- on-the- water" approach to chartering has been popular with the modern charter guests. Typically a large cockpit adjoins the enclosed Purrfection is for Kids too salon at the same level creating an expanded indoor/outdoor public area with lots of space to lounge on most of the cats. Although the Air Conditioning sounds attractive, but most crew acknowledge the outside areas are more popular than the inside ones except for the heat of the summer.

Catamarans are a popular choice among Scuba Divers. Look for the Divemaster on board 
 dive 2/day $200 per person additional dive flag Icon on either list of cats to find diveboats. Parties looking for more than one dive per day should also look at our Scuba Page.

Perhaps it is the diversity of activities offered which has made Catamarans so popular!

Millennium guests snorkel the cays


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Caribbean Catamaran
Price lists

up to 3 Couples - Family of 8

4 Couples + Cats


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