All breakfasts are accompanied by coffee (regular or decaffeinated), 
tea, your choice of juices, and a fresh fruit platter.

Fresh bread, french toast or muffins

Banana-rum pancakes


A selection of Yogurt, honey, jam and marmalade

Eggs any style (scrambled, fried, poached, boiled or omelettes)


A selection of ham and cold meats and cheeses


Light and refreshing international dishes, including delicious salads, fresh tropical fruits, and desserts. Your choice of drinks will be served.

Creole avocado salad

Shrip cocktail with aginger and lime

Tomatoes with melted goat cheese and pistachios

Marinated tuna on a bed of fresh greens

Creole chicken curry with coconut sauce

Aubergine flan with tomatoes and olives

Quiche Lorraine with mixed greens

Grilled prawns on a bed of wild rice

Cheese soufflé

Caribbean fish salad with curry sauce

Salmon steak in citrus dressing

\Mousse au Chocolate

Tropical fruit salad 

Crème Brulée

Pineapple Flambé with rum

Hors d'Oeuvres

Fresh asparagus with hollandaise

Pears and cream cheese with an orange vinaigrette

Prawn sesame toasts, vegetable rolls and marinated prawns served with a sweet chili sauce

Caramelized figs, shallots with pancetta and parmesan wafers

Mill-feuilles of smoked salmon, prawn and horseradish with water potatoes and mushroom confit

Roasted onion and pepper tartlets with grilled goats cheese

Grilled prawns with aioli


Herb crusted French trimmed lamb with herbed mashed potato

Stuffed fillets of pork on a bed of tagliatelle with a white wine sauce

Pan fried fillets of dorado with a Thai rub, jasmine rice and julienne of vegetables

Chicken breasts stuffed with roasted red peppers, prawns and mozzarella, wild rice

Veal escalopes flambade with sweet potato mash and honey baby carrots

Duck breasts with a port an cherry sauce, sautéed potatoes

Fillet of seabass with gateaux d'herbes and potatoes boulangere


Rosemary shortbread with mango and lime parfait

Meringue nests with fruits of the forests

Coconut bananas with caramel

Carmelized oranges and grapefruit with quenelles of cream

Spiced apricot and honey mousse

Crème brulee with exotic fruit dice

Pears in red wine

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