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Traditional mono-hulled sailing yachts offer the most diverse styles of accommodations,  and prices of the yachts in charter.  We have split the sailing yachts in  manageable sized groups for your consideration. Some yachts list only their "Length over All" (LOA) measurement which includes bowsprit and swim platform. We use "Length on Deck" (LOD) measured in Feet whenever possible, a more accurate gauge of overall space.

Under 60'
Sailing Yachts
60' to 80''
Sailing Yachts
Over 80'
Sailing Yachts

Length alone in not the ultimate measure of spaciousness of a yachts design. This, in conjunction with the beam of the yacht and the utility of it's design all should be considered when trying to determine which provides the most room.  More modern designs do seem to pack more usefulness into smaller spaces the older design and construction techniques.

Our ęcopyrighted color coded enhance  layouts quickly help identify important features of the yachts layout. And help give better insight to the useful space. Some layouts show only the below deck features, others include major features above deck, especially ones which extend below the level of the deck such as the cockpit
Full size view of a typical one couple Yacht - Sandcastle

Red is Crew area-Helm, Galley or 
Crew quarters.
Purple is Guest Head/ Bath areas
Light Yellow reflects Cabin space
Gold indicates Guest Bed  Areas.
White is basically open area.
Black defines borders of important 

Green highlight indicates salon or 
lounging space.

If it is the open seas for which you long, cruising on a traditional mono-hulled sailboat has several big advantages. Visibility forward while sailing is certainly a factor. Cockpits on sailboats are focused around the helm station with comfortable seating and an unobstructed view forward. Larger sailing yachts often have separate cockpit areas for "working" the sailing gear and another for lounging alone. This give a better chance to follow the captains actions if you are inclined to learn more about sailing. Catamaran cockpits are usually situated behind the salon with the helm elevated to achieve a view forward only for the captain only.

While catamaran supporters brag of the level ride they experience while under sail. Sailing yacht crews point out that although the deck may be sloped sideways, their yachts offer a smoother sail overall.  There are numerous advocates on both sides of the issue. Truly there is a yacht for everyone's tastes. The diversity found among over 200 monohull sailboats is unmatched in the catamaran or power yachts. For the best value, and largest cabins, and versatile style of berths, a sailing yacht is often your best choice!

100 Years Ago
Irene was built early in the 20th Century as a Merchant Vessel.
50 Years ago
20 Years ago

 Sailing Yachts

The history of Yachting is certainly a long one, existing from even the dawn of time. Much has changed since ancient time, but much remains the same. 

Yachts differ from boats and ship in their purpose. While all provide movement over the water, ships do so with demonstratable purpose. Yachts do so for pleasure alone.  In this light, the modern charter yacht was born.

Although technical improvements continue to add reliability, comfort, and performance of sailing vessels, little has actually changed in the basic design over the last hundred years, in monohull sailing yachts.

In fact, a number of yachts currently chartering, date their construction from early last century. Although chartering was not their original function, they have adapted well and are generally comfortable.  As always, they come in a variety of Flavors. The age of Bonnie Lynn's wheel house built  circa 1998the yacht should not be a deterrent  to it's selection for chartering in most cases. 

The Labor intensive handcrafting skills necessary for boat building  has become increasingly difficult to find and expensive. Every year or two a "new old Classic" appears in the charter fleet. Traditional styled in appears above the deck my equipped with all the modern technology and comforts below. 

Don't let size be too much of a hang-up. Many of the smaller yachts have one large cabin, perfect for a romantic getaway or honeymoon. On larger sailing yachts Master Cabins rival those found on much more expensive Motoryachts in size and comfort.

Sailing yachts are likely to have comfortable twin beds ideal for single travelers or to better accommodate children.






If it is sporty performance you seek, numerous examples are available for your sailing pleasure. Although typically more expensive to charter, the is a genuine satisfaction spending time a state of the art modern sailing vessel is satisfying. They come in all sizes and include most of the largest in charter.



Take a look at some of the fine yacht available

Under 60'
Sailing Yachts
60' to 80''
Sailing Yachts
Over 80'
Sailing Yachts


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