Types of Yachts available for Charter

Charter yachts come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and prices.  
They do generally fall into 3 distinctly different categories. 
Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

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Typically these yachts are sports orientated and have fairly equal cabins. Their above water salons offer good visibility of the environs, and plenty of space when the same level outdoor cockpits are considered. The Cabins, by virtue of the division inherent in a multihull design, are more separated and private. The medium and larger catamarans typically offer equal or near equal accommodations making them ideal of groups of couples vacationing together. Catamarans, typically are not especially seaworthy, and are discouraged for longer trips in exposed waters. Most Catamarans are based in the Virgin Islands in winter season with only an handful of midsized cats chartering in the greater Caribbean during high season.

Traditional sailing vessels offer the most variety of style price and accommodations. For this reason, it is difficult to universally describe them.  They, like the crews which own and operate them,  are individuals. Master cabins, even on some of the smallest sailing yachts, offer much more space than substantially larger more expensive yachts in the other categories.  Smaller groups, especially couples, honeymooners and small families often find their best value  and comfort on a yacht most precisely suited to their needs, among this group. 

The Motoryachts designated as Megayachts on this site are typical of found cruising throughout the world and provide the perfect yacht for any group, provided they have the budget. With only a couple exceptions, a minimum budget of $40m for a one week of  conspicuous consumption vacationing in the Caribbean should be planned. In nearly all cases these yachts charter for substantially more in the summer month in US, or Mediterranean cruising grounds. International maritime law makes charters of more than 12 guests extremely difficult although some older yachts have "grand fathered" greater occupancy. Expenses are additional for these "Megayachts".

Unique in the world, are the smaller Motoryachts offered for Charter in the Virgin Islands on an all inclusive basis. This small group of yachts have established typical costs associated with a week charter in the Virgin Islands and offer charters in a generally "all inclusive" basis. Basically they offer the same terms as the sailing yachts operating in this area.

In order to create more manageable sized groups 
we have further divided these categories by size,

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Sailing Yachts

Power Yachts
under 60' Over 60' Under 60' 60' to 80' over 80' All inclusive Mega
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Most charter yachts provide a general good all around holiday vacation. A sailing or yachting vacation is a highly personalized trip. As much as any yacht may try to offer everything to everybody this just not physically possible. Identifying and helping you select a boat most suited to your needs is what we do best. Our personalized knowledge and frequent contact with the yachts keeps us abreast of what is going on.  It helps assure you truly have a 1st Class Yacht Charter regardless of budget for this trip.

Over time many yachts have developed specialties in certain activities or types of groups which enjoy these activities. The skills, interests and qualifications of the Crew as well as the capabilities inherent in the different designs of the various yachts guide them to offering the various specialty type charters. This should not be viewed as limiting the types of charters of yachts identified in these categories, instead those who have these particular interests should look first to these yachts as good examples in addition to those interested in good all around charters.  




Certainly any one couple yacht would be happy on one of these yachts.  These include boats which can accommodate just one couple as well as larger yachts which are suitable for larger party but either because of the personality of the crew or the presence of an especially comfortable, should also be considered.  Many mature couples, busy in their normal, take the opportunity to formally commit themselves to each other against the romantic of the tropical seas of the Caribbean. Usually this will require only a small amount of additional planning, these yachts can help it all go smoothly. 
Two Couple Yachts Most people find it is easy to find another couple to join them on vacation. The logistics of putting together a trip for just 2 couples should be fairly simple. The companionship of friends and the inherent savings in price per couple make this a popular sized charter.

Among the smaller yachts, it is common to find just two cabins with the crew making do in the salon on deck. In slightly larger yachts, the designers often find enough space for 3 guest cabins as well as a dedicated area for the crew. Most of these boats although stated as suitable for 6 passenger, are actually best suited for 4 guests, many have ceased offering a rate for 6 guests, others have refit the yacht in order to provide more comfort for the 4 guest optimum size.  

Scuba Diving The warm clear waters of of the Caribbean invite you to explore closer. Usually this is done through snorkeling however those who have Scuba training (certification) often wish to get closer.

Rendezvous programs with shore based dive operation keep the equipment off the boat and are recommended for trips where several guests are nondivers. These yachts include only boats which can provide lots of diving;  8 or more dives per, a week. This allows guests new to the sport to safely and comfortably experience the underwater world.
icon identifies all the yachts which offer Scuba diving directly from the yacht on "List Yachts Price" pages.
icon identifies yachts with a Scuba instructor yacht those "List Yachts Price" pages.

Family Orientated

Family Y

It is difficult to isolate a subset of yachts recommend for families, a yacht charter makes a great family vacation and most yachts are well suited for the task. The yachts mentioned here are especially well suited to the task. Some crews have the demeanor to enjoy kids and encourage you to bring them along. The layout of some yachts makes them especially appropriate for families.
Active Sports Windsurfing, water skiing, trail bikes, all require equipment these yachts have the gear.
3 and more Couple yachts. The most cost efficient charter is probably one with 4 couples although usually these yacht can offer a better holiday experience if just 3 couples are aboard. Quality of service is affected with 8 guests and just 2 crew. It is not uncommon for a 3rd crew to be added with charters of this size, making the cost per couple of adding that 4th couple less attractive.Drinks on Ladyanne II When one considers the issues of limited space per person on your private "Island in the sea", 3 couples charters are a good size to plan. In reality, we usually find a most "groups of couples" end up looking for 4 couple yachts and too frequently ask for yachts able to accommodate 10 guests.
There are only a few yachts which can comfortably and cost effectively accommodate 5 couples. Usually it is preferable to choose 2 yachts for groups of this size or larger. Unless you have a cohesive group. The logistics of planning a trip of this size tend to be more difficult, for you, there are no price advantages of combining groups of this size, however for the see and be seen set the larger yachts do make a memorable impact on all.
Gourmet Food

This is a difficult subject to approach, the culinary experience on most yachts can be truly memorable, but ... Clearly some chefs are more experienced, better equipped and budget more for this aspect of a sailing vacation.  In the absence of definitive criteria we feel as a group, interpretation of this group is too subjective to be valid. Even with a former professionally trained pastry chef with over 10 years professional experience on the 1CYC Staff (Susan Vollmer) it is not easy establishing the criteria for this. Your Chef goes all out on deserts

The sample menus linked from most the the yachts' webpages describe some of the delights offered to charter guests. We are glad to extend our recommendations for those who inquire

 Most yachts do not fall exclusively in any one category they are able to provide for a variety of charter needs. The facilities of the boat, plus the interests and qualifications of the crew are factors which make some yachts better for guests with certain interest. Identifying these specialties and matching the qualification of the boat and crew with those wishing to charter are the most important aspect of what we at 1st Class Yacht Charters do. 

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