Why Consider a Charter Yacht Vacation?
For Privacy, luxury, and personalized service, a yachting holiday can be custom tailored to anyone's tastes  and nearly anyone's budget. Food and activities are arranged to your specifications. A yacht charter allow you to explore several islands in comfort and ease of travel

What type of activities are available?
Certainly water base sports such as water-skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and sailing come to mind. Some yachts also have trail bikes, kites, or enjoy hiking ashore.

What type of of food and beverages are served?
The menus are designed around your food preferences. The chefs are excellent and can usually prepare any dish requested. Drinks such as wine, beer and alcohol are included as part of the "ships bar". The amount and variety will vary depending on the cost of the charter with larger, more expensive yachts include finer wines and premium liquors than less expensive ones. Special diets can be accommodated, it is best to discuss these special needs prior to selecting a yacht however.

When is the Best time of year to visit the Caribbean?
The best time to go sailing is when you most need the tropical sea breezes and outdoor spaces. For most people in the northern Hemisphere, this usually is when it is coldest where they live. Any US Federal holidays are a particularly popular time for people to choose a yachting holiday. New Years, Christmas, Presidents Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and M.L. King  Day are all popular times for a yacht Vacation because it reduces time away from work or school for the kids. People with more independent schedules  enjoy the non holiday weeks precisely because they are less popular, and less crowded! The weather in the Caribbean is usually delightful year-round.

Are there any bad time a yachting vacation in the Caribbean?
Weather forecasters cannot predict with uncertain accuracy what the weather will be for any particular place, however there are some generalities helpful know about the weather. Generally we have great weather year around, however high winds can make yachting vacation less comfortable Although the Atlantic Hurricane Season officially extends from the fist of June to the first of December, it is highly unusual for the most popular chartering grounds, the eastern Caribbean, to be affected for most of this time. The peak of the Hurricane season is in Mid September with the majority of storms concentrated within a couple weeks of this time. 


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