One of the most enjoyable aspects of a charter yacht holiday is the ability to visit out of the way locals with comfort. In order to help sustain these areas and the world environment in general, increasingly charter yachts are taking proactive actions to lessen their impact on the environment while not substantially affecting the charter experience as a whole.

We are committed to preserving the natural beauty and environmental health of the oceans and lands where we sail and encourage a lower impact of the charter yacht industry throughout the world, including the impact of yachts, brokers, and central agents.

Charter yachts and the guests which holiday enjoy the beauty of the natural world it seems only proper that the yachts take measures to preserve this natural beauty. Some yachts have been working toward this goal for years. Others are just now recognizing that their small efforts can make a difference and have no negative effects on their guests.

---Drinking Water ---
A major initiative, and one which delivers pronounced and measurable results is to take a role in reducing the usage of plastic bottles on yachts.

In the Caribbean, the environmental cost of transportation and resistively small populations in the islands make recycling inefficient at best. Reducing usage of plastic bottles is perhaps the obvious action positively impact the environment without reducing the overall charter experience. Most midrange yachts and all high end yachts have watermaker systems similar to those used by bottle water makers which deliver high quality drinking water desalinated from sea water and additionally filtered. Resalable, often souvenired containers are offered instead of those disposable plastic bottles. Many yachts provide this water iced and accessible in guest areas. Bottled water is still available by request but really offers no advantage over what the boat

Most budget yachts while they may not have watermakers, buy water from facilities which do "make water". It is a simple matter to filter this onboard to assure quality. However if guests prefer "bottled water" it will certainly be provided. In an effort to reduce plastic bottle waste and preserve our fragile marine environment, would be willing to drink the water produced on board?

An average sized charter yacht generates about 200-400 plastic bottles of trash each week. Using very loose math, that‘s totals over a million containers a year in the BVI landfill alone and just from crewed yachts.

--- Solar Power ---

In the tropics, Solar power can provide most of the electrical power a yacht needs to keep most systems operational on many sailing yachts without impacting the quality of the experience. Often, it enhances the experience. Solar panels are usually mounted in unused locations where appearance is only a slight distraction. On the benefit side, Solar panels do not make noise. So aside from saving a few gallons of fuel per day, solar panels also eliminate a few hours of a generator noise per day adding to your enjoyment, This is no small benefit.

Encouraging the yachts to take more environmental concern is a new initiative. It is definitely a work in progress. Actions the various yachts are taking are being added to their website.

Some Charter guests of motoryachts have expressed an interest in arranging for Carbon Offsets. We are able to suggest several different methods of making arrangements for that.

1st Class Yacht Charters supports the efforts to reduce yachting 's impact on the ecology and also implements a variety of environmentally sound initiatives at our office and home including use of Solar Power, grow fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs using compost as organic fertilizer and other earth friendly actions.

1st Class Charter Broker Dennis Vollmer accepting the 2014 Most Ecological Broker award from CYBA International

at the Tortola Charter Show in Nov.2014


Go Green

We will continue to update the website to report the various actions different yachts are taking to minimize their impact on the environment.

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