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The Best way to enjoy the islands of the Caribbean is by Boat!

A cruise ship is fine for tourists content to spend their days  with a few thousand others in an Miami high-rise type view of the Caribbean. 

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 Experienced travelers agree, a far better way to enjoy the delights 
the Caribbean has to offer, is from a Private Charter Yacht. 

Visit those out of the way places in 1st Class comfort and Privacy!
Experience  the Caribbean 1st hand!

You set the Pace!
No Schedules!
All Inclusive Pricing!
Surprisingly Affordable!
Gourmet Dinning catered to your individual Tastes!
There is a 1st Class Yacht available for most group sizes and  budgets!


Billy Bones on Largly unpopulated Norman Island is rarely visited by Land based visitors or Cruise Ship passengers.   
 ©DdV 2000

 I hope you enjoy our presentations of 1st Class charters
in the Caribbean. There is no better way to experience the true nature of the Caribbean than on a charter yacht vacation. The Caribbean has been home for myself and wife Susan for over 25 years.
We have traveled extensively throughout the region and the world. 
Although I have sailed  in the NE, Florida and the Mediterranean our focus is in providing the best possible Caribbean yacht charters.  

In this light, we present this comprehensive website to help you make an informed decision on selecting the best yacht for your needs.

The "Best yacht For your Needs", often changes. Our base here in the Virgin Islands, provides us the opportunity to learn of changing situations first hand, not through press releases and newsletters but by seeing the boats and speaking directly with the crews year around.  We are not limited to visiting the yachts for just a few days at the annual boat shows like most stateside or European yacht Brokers.

Dennis and Susan  
  Enjoy  the view at home overlooking the Virgin Islands  
 ©DdV 2000
Dennis and Susan enjoy the view at home.

Technical Notes
I have resisted the temptation to program in "pop up" pages in most cases. Although this could decrease the time required to navigate the website, generally we find them annoying. My interactive Map of the VI is an exception because of heavy graphic content. At last count nearly 300 original images of the VI were linked to these maps! Right Clicking a Link to "Open in New window" from any of the yacht lists is a useful alternative.

Use your browsers "Back Button" pulls page data from your browser Cache file instead of downloading it again from our server.

The website is constantly being updated. Thank You for your patience and understanding. Effort is made to keep material current and accurate. We do not knowingly publish false or misleading information. Detail are thought to be reliable but we cannot be held responsible any inaccuracies.
The Boat pages of this website is presented in our uniform format for easy comparison and orientation.  Most descriptions and  photos were provided by the yachts as part of their promotional effort. This website is different too. I have been carrying a digital camera for about 4 years capturing images as I travel the islands, visit yachts, notice flowers in bloom, go boating, sailing, and flying. These  original ©Copyrighted images may not be utilized without express written permission. 

We hope you find our exclusive images helpful in more accurately presenting what the yacht, the crew and several cruising areas most recently looked like. 

Although, I do have some professional training in photography, images differ in composition from those time-consuming professional photographs which destined for glossy brochures. Hopefully you will find ours helpful and timely.   

Printed material quickly becomes dated.  All the yachts presented on this site have printed brochures or are in the process of developing them. Some of these brochures are 5 years old or (in a couple cases) 10 years old. Many quality yachts chartering this long continue to maintained high standards not easily reflected in an 8 year old brochure. 
We believe the best most current source of information about these yachts is our website. Printed brochures) are normally included with a confirmed booking, and not otherwise necessary or desired.
Our exclusive ©copyrighted color coded enhance  layouts quickly help identify important features of the yachts layout. Colors and styles of these layouts have changed slightly over the past 6 years which I have been working on this but...
Full size view of a typical one couple Yacht - Phaedrus!
Red is Crew area-Helm, Galley or Crew quarters.
Purple is Guest Head/ Bath areas
Light Yellow reflects Cabin area
Gold indicates Guest Bed  Areas.
White is basically open area.
Black defines borders of important features.
Green highlight indicates salon or lounging space.

Please take some time reviewing the material found on this website. Explore both the general information and that specific to a few individual yachts. This is the easiest way to share our knowledge about chartering until specific yachts and intermarries need be discussed. When you are ready to check availability for a certain time, a specific yacht, wish us to make a recommendation or get additional information specific to chartering, please Contact Us by filling out the booking form. In most cases we will return you email within one business day. If you wish information by phone, we appreciate you also sending us an email so we may fully explore your needs and clearly information to contact you. Discussing the best yacht for your specific needs takes  

Dennis in his Sport Utility Vehicle 
 the Webbed 1

We don't just visit the Caribbean, 
we live it, and would like to share it with you!

View from our Office 
Magen's Bay St. Thomas

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